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iTRA Fundamentals aims to assist SME or mid to large enterprises lay a the simple foundation to protect their business and fuel the profitable growth of their products and services.  ...

iTRA Fundamentals aims to assist SME or mid to large enterprises lay a the simple foundation to protect their business and fuel the profitable growth of their products and services. 

We achieve that by - protecting their critical business data and the entire information infrastructure including critical assets, - giving them the assurance that we manage the risks related to the "use, processing, storage, transmission, decommissioning" of their information or data, and we manage risks related to the processes, technology or systems used to support these purposes in an ongoing basis. Thus, minimize risks and business impact, reduce frequency, demonstrate resilience, or even turn them into opportunities.

Why iTRA Fundamentals is so beneficial to your business? 

  • Create a disciplined performance driven environment,
  • Enable self-assurance capabilities that support growth of revenue, cost optimization, enriching customer experience,
  • Expand customer satisfaction and foster trustful relationships with clients,
  • Lower the cost of risk and controls management, or even insurance premium while staying abreast of regulatory changes. ​


 Driven by Principled Performance approach 

Focus on Governance and Management realm, and integrated assessment through Strategy, People, Process, Technology over time-scale

Applicable to companies or organizations of

  • Silo-ed based structure
  • Decentralized model
  • Non-integrated operating environments
  • More Shadow IT than Enterprise IT
  • Fast Growing or Developing SME
  • Running Critical business or IT projects
  • New business or product development
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Critical Systems Migration of Upgrade

Enabled company/organization-based Certification, approved by CREST, an international body for Assurance in Information Security

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Benefits of iTRA Fundamentals program (**): 

  • Pay as you Use
  • A comprehensive advisory and consulting program from real live scenario
  • Dedicated Information Security Personnel to your Company or Organization
  • In-house Practitioner mindset and approach
  • Third Party Independent view/opinion
  • Backed by Renowned and relevant Resources
Security&Compliance Advisory-as-a-Service (a.k.a. CISO-as-a-Service). is enabled by iTRA fundamentals. It's also driven by organization goals and objectives where their performance is measured and closely monitored to give the best result. It's offered to customers in three dimensions catering to basic needs, investment preference, budget & spending pattern/trends, as well as urgency. 
1. Advisory, a Change-Catalyst to the Board/Management team - Primary "CISO-as-a-Service" (Click to download)
  • A primary supporting role to CIO or COO or CEO depending on organization Culture/Ethnicity/Setup
  • Business Case Analysis and Development
  • Information/Cyber Security, Regulatory (PDPA/GDPR/SOX) Compliance, Enterprise Information & Technology Risk Management – High level Strategy or Program Development, or Review for improvement and sustainability
  • Information Security Coaching/Guidance - Assimilation of industries standards (COBIT for IT Governance /NIST-SP800 for Cyber-Sec/CREST for Cyber Hygiene) into Organization Culture/Business Practices
  • Newsletter for Awareness & Enforcement
  • Group or 1:1 Advisory/Coaching and Hand-holding change management
  • Source/Evaluate/Recommend/Review Security & Compliance solution
2. Consultancy to clients' specific needs (Business and IT Initiatives or projects) - Adhoc Request and Project-based
  • Information Security (Policy, Process, Documentation) Management Systems Design and Implementation
  • Information & Technology Risk-Assessment
  • Risk-Management - Mitigation/Remediation
  • Internal Audit, Pre-Audit Readiness, Audit fronting
  • Vulnerability Scan-Security Testing (Infrastructure/Web-App Penetration Testing)
  • Third Part Risk-Assessment
  • Consolidation/Integration of multiple Security & Compliance Standards/Practices
  • Participation in Customers’ Projects (Security and Compliance Review, including Systems Validation)
3. Staff Awareness & Certification
  • General Staff Awareness
  • Individual Professional Certification
  • Organization Certification (Cyber Essentials +, ISO27001, ISO20000 etc)
** it's bespoke and it is always tailored to Company/Organization needs and requirements.
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