GDPR Self-Assurance

    Leave no room for GDPR non-compliance to avoid the Penalties How do we know whether the Regulation is applicable to my business or ...

  We map your business and operating processes to information technology (IT) platform and its data flow, apply industrial Code of Practice and Personal Data Protection principles to meet PDPA/GDPR requirements (just a click away). Click to ask our CISO 



Leave no room for GDPR non-compliance to avoid the Penalties

How do we know whether the Regulation is applicable to my business or organization?  Reach out to iTGRC Practitioners. We will put behind you the international experts to give you the approach, method and answers to the requirements, build for you the readiness and cyber resilience by applying a cost-beneficial ISO27001 solution that makes you GDPR compliance. Create a central repository in enablor now to implement the framework that connects the dots to all relevant and supporting evidence if you have not done so, while you also get your organization ISO27001 certified at the same time.
We map your Business and Operating Processes to information technology (IT) platform and its data flow, apply the Code of Practice and Data Protection principles to meet the GDPR requirements which enable you and your GDPR Compliance team or project to swiftly move forward. 
Start your effort with the following, at a price of SG$4,868/- Nett
  1. EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool
  2. EU GDPR Compliance Toolkit
  3. Data flow Mapping Tool
  4. Distance-Learning GDPR Foundation and Certification
  5. GDPR Staff Awareness E-Learning up to 10 PAX (more can be accommodated, price may vary) 
  6. 2 days of Consultation/Workshop to learn the technique of applying the above to jump start your effort through the nice steps (see below).
​You will be on your way to build the GDPR Data Protection Model in no time.
Click  for inquiry. We are always glad to assist you.

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