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  Beyond Cyber-Security, its the entire suite of information risk, security and regulatory Compliance management for today complex and interdependent business eco-systems  ...

Our clients want us to develop and design the most relevant information/cyber security Governance, Strategy, Policies and Plan for their business, and enable them the implementation methodology and technique aligned with business needs, organization assets protection, timely response to security breaches and incidents, Click CISO to ask our CISO or WhatsApp +65 93384818

Beyond Cyber-Security, its the entire suite of information risk, security and regulatory Compliance management for today complex and interdependent business eco-systems
CISO-as-a-service (首席信息安全长官服务)
security and compliance outsourcing is fully powered by iTRA Fundamentals


gear towards assisting SME or mid to large enterprises lay the IT security fundamentals to protect their business and fuel the profitable growth of their products and services.


regardless of you, business owner or designated personnel having an in-house IT department, one man show, a team of two to three or outsourced to third-party, with CSM-119 in particular you will gain full understanding of the international standards that set out the requirements of information security management systems, become confident in applying the guideline and general principles with minimal help, all at your fingers tip.


that enables your business strategy and company policy to drive disciplined performance of your organization key performance indicators (KPI) that deliver on your business goals. We believe in methodical approach that aims for successes for every of your business day
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GDPR Self-Assurance

We map your business and operating processes to information technology (IT) platform and its data flow, apply industrial Code of Practice and Personal Data Protection principles to meet PDPA/GDPR requirements (just a click away). Click to ask our CISO 

Simplify Cyber Security for your business with iTGRC Asia

SME Owners - engage iTGRC Cybersecurity advisors to identify value-proposition before your decision on security technology or solution investment. Leverage on your existing management systems and resources to get the best out of what is already in place. Save on your business spending, control your budget and make a justifiable purchase in protecting your business, information assets and fulfilling the regulatory requirements.  Click to ask our CISO 

Why business needs a Holistic security management framework?

A management framework that enhances your existing management system, enables market expansion by being qualified to apply for tenders and meet customer & legal requirements. You can promote your business values to your clients by being Cyber-Resilient, Data Protection Ready & Regulatory Compliant (e.g. SOX/HIPAA/PDPA/GDPR). Now, prepare for the seamless change without hurting budget but giving your business the extra miles. Click to ask our CISO 

Cyber Essentials provides a basic level of cyber security; if you are interested in progressing to a more advanced stage of information security by implementing a holistic information security management system, you can discover more by reading about ISO 27001 and the Cyber Essentials scheme