Cyber Security Management System - CSMS-119 Cyber Hygiene

    CSMS-119-Cyber Hygiene   SMEs who want to manage their own Cyber-Security and Data-Protection within their own ecosystems including their outsourced ...

CSMS-119-Cyber Hygiene
SMEs who want to manage their own Cyber-Security and Data-Protection within their own ecosystems including their outsourced third-parties. CSMS-119-Cyber Hygiene, claimed as a comprehensive and holistic cyber-hygiene program for your entire organization and its supply chain including outsourced third party.
It comes with
  • ISO27001 or Information Security or Data Protection Act Staff Awareness E-Learning (limited to 10 participants, more pax can be accommodated)
  • ISO27001:2013 that sets out the key requirements
  • ISO27002:2013 that gives you the guideline and code of practice (Control, Activities, Detailed tasks)
  • PAS 555 that supplies a holistic framework which not only considers the technical aspects, but also the related physical, cultural and behavioural aspects of an organisation, including effective leadership and governance
  • Cloud Controls Matrix (optional) and ISO27032, cyber security management guideline, and 
  • 2 days of Consultation/Workshop (Learn to use the above for design and implementation)
All comes in a price of SG$3,480/- Nett.
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