Cyber Hygiene health check for Digital-Johor

  On 2nd April 2018,  Tunku Tun Aminah (the Princess) and Chief Minister of state Johor officialized the launch of Digital-Johor at Educity sport complex. This inaugurates the ...

In response to the launch of Digital Johor under Johore 4.0, iTGRC is giving away 1 hour free of Cyber Hygiene Advisory. This will path Individual, Organizations and SME small steps toward Cyber Security in preparing themselves for the Digital Era. Reach out to us at     Email:     Phone: +60 7 2686066 and carve a niche for yourself. You may also like to talk offline with our chief advisor through Whatsapp +65 93384818

On 2nd April 2018,  Tunku Tun Aminah (the Princess) and Chief Minister of state Johor officialized the launch of Digital-Johor at Educity sport complex. This inaugurates the start of a remarkable digital era for Johor in Malaysia. 
With key messages delivered by leaders of the state, it drives the inspiration towards the nation, corporate and SME coming forward to embrace the digital movement that aims to give rise to a next generation growth-engine that thrusts the digital-economy development of the state. 
iTGRC is proud to make several promotional offerings which include an hour free of advisory on how organization and SME can take little small steps toward Cyber-security through our Cyber Hygiene awareness and certification program. Individual may also look forward to education program to determine your career path with highly accredited body, CREST International. 
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Claim your extra mileage by reducing human and process vulnerabilities through our Infor-Sec/Data Protection/Phishing & Ransomware Staff-Awareness. Let your team work on International Standards by gaining premium professional recognition with a highly Accredited Online Certificate by (IBITGQ) International Board for IT Governance Qualifications. (Accredited to ISO 17024 – the international gold standard for IT qualifications.)

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Penetration testing, or ‘pen-testing’, is the most effective way of demonstrating that exploitable vulnerabilities within your company’s internet-facing resources have been identified, allowing suitable patches to be applied.

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We help our clients develop information/cyber security strategy, organization structure and capability that are aligned with their business needs and priority. We offer mentorship to organizations who want to implement or strengthen their cyber-hygiene, or even to build their very own information/cyber security team. Click to ask our CISO or WhatsApp +65 93384818, SkypeID: frankchin888

Cyber Essentials provides a basic level of cyber security; if you are interested in progressing to a more advanced stage of information security by implementing a holistic information security management system, you can discover more by reading about ISO 27001 and the Cyber Essentials scheme