Thinking beyond Cyber-Security. It's the entire suite of information Risk, Security and Regulatory Compliance ...

iTRA Fundamentals is a Subscription-based "information & technology Risk-Assurance program" for business. It is designed to assist SME or mid-sized Enterprises lay the fundamentals to protect their business and fuel the profitable growth of their products and services through minimizing information & technology risks and business impact, reduce probability of adversities, demonstrate resilience, or even turn them into opportunities.

Thinking beyond Cyber-Security. It's the entire suite of information Risk, Security and Regulatory Compliance management of today business eco-systems
CISO-as-a-Service (首席信息安全长官服务) is fully powered by iTRA FundamentalsCyber Security Consultancy (CSMS-119) using ISO27001:2013 and IT/IS Policy Design and Development, for today business
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iTRA Fundamentals

iTRA Fundamentals aims to assist SME or mid to large Enterprises lay the fundamentals to protect their business and fuel the profitable growth of their products and services. We achieve that by - protecting their critical business data and the entire information infrastructure including critical assets, - giving them the assurance that we manage the risks related to the "use, processing, storage, transmission, decommissioning" of their information or data, and we manage risks related to the processes, technology or systems used to support these purposes in an ongoing basis. Thus, minimize risks and business impact, reduce frequency, demonstrate resilience, or even turn them into opportunities.


Why iTRA Fundamentals is so beneficial to your business? 

  • Create a disciplined performance driven environment,
  • Enable self-assurance capabilities that support growth of revenue, cost optimization, enriching customer experience,
  • Expand customer satisfaction and foster trustful relationships with clients,
  • Lower the cost of risk and controls management, or even insurance premium while staying abreast of regulatory changes.

 Driven by Principled Performance approach 

  • Focus on Governance and Management realm, and integrated assessment through Strategy, People, Process, Technology over time-scale
  • Applicable to companies or organizations of
    • Silo-ed based structure
    • Decentralized model
    • Non-integrated operating environments
    • More Shadow IT than Enterprise IT
    • Fast Growing or Developing SME
    • Running Critical business or IT projects
      • New business or product development
      • Merger and Acquisition
      • Critical Systems Migration of Upgrade
  • Enabled Company/organization based Certification, approved by CREST, an international body for Assurance in Information Security
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Benefits of iTRA Fundamentals program (**): 

  • Invest as you Use
  • A comprehensive advisory and consulting program at an affordable rate
  • Dedicated Information Security Personnel to your Company or Organization
  • In-house Practitioner mindset and approach
  • Third Party independent view/opinion
  • Backed by renowned and relevant Resources; e.g.; IT Governance Ltd., UK
Security&Compliance Advisory-as-a-Service (a.k.a. CISO-as-a-Service). It's enabled by iTRA (information Technology Risk Assurance) Fundamentals and driven by organization Goals and Objectives; It’s offered to customers in three dimensions which cater to their Needs, Investment preference, Budget & Spending pattern/trend and Urgency.
1. Advisory, a Change-Catalyst to the Board/Management team - Primary "CISO-as-a-Service" (Click to download)
  • A primary supporting role to CIO or COO or CEO depending on organization Culture/Ethnicity/Setup
  • Business Case Analysis and Development
  • Information/Cyber Security, Regulatory (PDPA/GDPR/SOX) Compliance, Enterprise Information & Technology Risk Management – High level Strategy or Program Development, or Review for improvement and sustainability
  • Information Security Coaching/Guidance - Assimilation of industries standards (COBIT for IT Governance /NIST-SP800 for Cyber-Sec/CREST for Cyber Hygiene) into Organization Culture/Business Practices
  • Newsletter for Awareness & Enforcement
  • Group or 1:1 Advisory/Coaching and Hand-holding change management
  • Source/Evaluate/Recommend/Review Security & Compliance solution
2. Consultancy to clients' specific needs (Business and IT Initiatives or projects) - Adhoc Request and Project-based
  • Information Security (Policy, Process, Documentation) Management Systems Design and Implementation
  • Information & Technology Risk-Assessment
  • Risk-Management - Mitigation/Remediation
  • Internal Audit, Pre-Audit Readiness, Audit fronting
  • Vulnerability Scan-Security Testing (Infrastructure/Web-App Penetration Testing)
  • Third Part Risk-Assessment
  • Consolidation/Integration of multiple Security & Compliance Standards/Practices
  • Participation in Customers’ Projects (Security and Compliance Review, including Systems Validation)
3. Staff Awareness & Certification
  • General Staff Awareness
  • Individual Professional Certification
  • Organization Certification (Cyber Essentials +, ISO27001, ISO20000 etc)
** it's bespoke and it is always tailored to Company/Organization needs and requirements.
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Cyber Security Consultancy

High-Level Cyber Review SG$2,700

This consultancy service provides a high-level evaluation of your organisation’s cyber security posture and a documented summary of recommendations for improvements. It is particularly useful as a preliminary step towards compliance with laws, standards and frameworks such as the Data Protection, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and 10 Steps to Cybersecurity.
The High-Level Cyber Review assesses the following areas:
  • Cyber risk governance
  • Data security
  • Risk management
  • Training and awareness
  • Legal, regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Policies and information security management system
  • Business continuity and incident management
  • Technical security controls
  • Physical security controls
  • Third-party management
  • Secure development
The service can be tailored to form part of an annual external security review process or to provide assurance to prospective clients, investors or the board of directors.
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Cyber Security Audit and Review

This service will deliver an independent assessment of your organisation’s compliance with Government security objectives, policies, standards and processes, 10 Steps to Cyber Security and IA Maturity Model (IAMM), and relevant industry or private-sector schemes such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and the PCI DSS.
You will receive consultancy support and advice on:
  • Verifying that information processes meet the security criteria, requirements or policy, standards and procedures;
  • Defining and implementing processes and techniques to ensure ongoing conformance to security policies, standards, and legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Carrying out security compliance audits in accordance with an appropriate methodology, standard or framework;
  • Providing impartial assessment and audit reports covering security compliance audits, investigations and information risk management;
  • Providing an independent opinion on whether your organisation is meeting information assurance control objectives;
  • Developing audit plans and audit regimes that match your organisation’s business needs and risk appetite;
  • Identifying your organisation’s systemic trends and weaknesses in security;
  • Recommending responses to audit findings and appropriate corrective actions;
  • Recommending appropriate security controls;
  • Assessing the management of information risk across the organisation or business unit;
  • Recommending efficiencies and cost-effective options to address non-compliance issues and information assurance gaps identified during the audit process;
  • Objectively assessing the maturity of an existing information auditing function using cross-government benchmark standards.

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Our team of qualified cyber security advisors will provide business-driven advice and guidance on the overall process of assessing information risk.
Receive support, guidance and advice in the following key areas:
  • Identifying the assets that require protection;
  • Identifying relevant threats and weaknesses;
  • Identifying exploitable vulnerabilities;
  • Assessing the level of threat posed by threat agents;
  • Determining the business impacts of risks being realised;
  • Producing a security risk assessment;
  • Advising on a risk acceptance threshold or level of acceptance;
  • Advising on suitable control implementation.
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Cyber Security Risk Management

You will receive support developing an information security risk management strategy, enabling you to implement a systematic approach to risk management. This approach will reduce the associated risks to your information assets and protect your business from cyber threats.
The service includes consultancy guidance and advice on developing suitable methods for managing risks in line with the international risk management standard, ISO 27005.
Your business will be given the service typically include the following:
  • Establishing internal and external risk context, scope and boundaries;
  • Identifying and assessing risks in terms of their consequences to the business and the likelihood of their occurrence;
  • Establishing communication lines with stakeholders to inform them on the likelihood and consequences of identified risks and risk status;
  • Establishing priorities for risk treatment and acceptance;
  • Establishing priorities to reduce the chance of risks occurring;
  • Establishing risk monitoring and risk review processes;
  • Educating stakeholders and staff about the risks to the organisation and the actions being taken to mitigate them.
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Information and Technology policy design and implementation

"Ensures that within the enterprise, information is protected against disclosure to unauthorized users (confidentiality), improper modification (integrity) and non-access when required (availability)"
Our consulting service enables your business strategy and company policy to drive disciplined performance of your organization key performance indicators (KPI) that deliver on your business goals. We believe in methodical approach that
1. Identifies business drivers that support your enterprise goals
2. Maps your enterprise goals to IT-related goals 
3. Defines your policy, implements them into the design of the supporting IT process and controls (compliance by design) linked to your IT related goals
4. Provide active monitoring and feedback to offer continuous assurance to the achievement of your business goals.
The key enablers (diagram below) put together the five principles to make them workable, and your business / operation goals achievable from today.
Original source: ISACA.Org
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ISO27001, a.k.a. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information security management systems

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GDPR Self-Assurance

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