iTRA Fundamentals is a Subscription-based "information & technology Risk-Assurance program" for business. It is designed to assist SME or mid-sized Enterprises lay the fundamentals to protect their business and fuel the profitable growth of their products and services through minimizing information & technology risks and business impact, reduce probability of adversities, demonstrate resilience, or even turn them into opportunities.

Cyber Security Management System - CSMS-119

SME Owners - engage industry advisors to identify value-proposition before your decision on cyber-security technology or solution purchase. Leverage on your existing management systems and resources to get the best out of what is already in place. You will save on your business spending, control your budget and make a justifiable investment in protecting your business, information assets and fulfilling the regulatory requirements.

ISO27001, a.k.a. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Information security management systems

ISO 27001 brings to companies the management framework that helps them enhance the existing management system, professional image, market expansion by being qualified to apply for tenders and meet customer & legal requirements. Promote your business values to your clients by being Cyber-Resilient, Data Protection Ready & Regulatory Compliant (e.g. GDPR). Prepare for a seamless paradigm shift without hurting your budget but giving your business the extra miles

GDPR Self-Assurance

We map your Business and Operating Processes to information technology (IT) platform and its data flow, apply the Code of Practice and Data Protection principles to meet the GDPR requirements (a click away) that enable you and your GDPR Compliance team or project to swiftly move forward. 

Corporate Training, E-Learning and Professional Certifications

Claim your extra mileage by reducing human and process vulnerabilities through our Infor-Sec/Data Protection/Phishing & Ransomware Staff-Awareness. Let your team work on International Standards by gaining premium professional recognition with a highly Accredited Online Certificate by (IBITGQ) International Board for IT Governance Qualifications. (Accredited to ISO 17024 – the international gold standard for IT qualifications.)

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or ‘pen testing’, is the most effective way of demonstrating that exploitable vulnerabilities within your company’s internet-facing resources have been identified, allowing suitable patches to be applied.

What is Cyber Essentials scheme?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed and CREST-approved Cyber Security certification scheme that sets out a good baseline of cyber security suitable for all End-User organisations across all business sectors. The scheme addresses five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent around 80% of cyber attacks. Today, they are readily made available in Asia through us. Click to download CE Flyer


COBIT, eSsentials  - Don't leave home without it. The business orientation of COBIT consists of linking Business goals to IT Goals, providing metrics and maturity models to measure their achievement, and identifying the associated responsibilities of business and IT process owners. Before hitting the 'View more' button,  Click here for an appetizer.