iTGRC Asia Pte Ltd (hereinafter “ITGRC”)
iTGRC Internet Privacy Policy Statement

Statement of Commitment and Assurance
We are committed to protecting your privacy and sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet. We will treat any information that we receive from you with care and recognise the need for appropriate action to manage and protect any information that you share with us.

Personal Information
We do not collect personal information like names and addresses when you visit our website unless you choose to provide it to us. If you do choose to provide that information to us, it is only used for the purpose for which you gave it to us.

If You Send Us Personal Information
You may decide to send us information, including personally identifiable information. The information you supply, whether through our website feedback form or by sending an electronic mail message – is maintained by us for the purpose of processing your request or inquiry. Our website does not collect information or create individual profiles for commercial marketing.

Various employees of iTGRC may see the information you submit in the course of their official duties. The information may also be shared by iTGRC with third parties to advance the purpose for which you provide the information or in accordance with law, including other Singapore government agencies and entities which have been authorized or established to carry out specific financial sector-related services. For example, if you file a complaint against a financial institution, it may be sent to the financial institution for action. Or if you send an inquiry outside of iTGRC’ purview, it may be forwarded to the correct agency for follow-up.

If you register for our mailing list, the information you provide will be used to send you iTGRC’ communiqués or notify you about updates to our website.

When you choose to send an electronic mail message or website feedback form to us, you are consenting to iTGRC using the information provided therein, including your personally identifiable information, in accordance with this notice.

Information Security
If you share any personal information with us, we will take appropriate steps to protect that information from unauthorised access or disclosure. Under certain circumstances, we may be prohibited from notifying you of a request for information e.g. criminal investigation involving fraud cases.

Our web servers may collect information such as the domain names of visitors, the number of visits to each page, the number of times each file is downloaded or the time of day that people visit our webpages. We are interested only in aggregate information (information about a large number of people) to assess the effectiveness of our web-site for the purpose of further enhancing our content and services.

How To Contact Us About Our Website
If you have a question about the way your information is used in connection with this website, iTGRC’ privacy and information practices or if you require more information on or access to the information which you have earlier provided to us, you may write in to or proceed to our office, address indicated in the contact page.

iTGRC security and compliance advisory group

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