Leave no room for GDPR non-compliance to avoid the Penalties

 How do we know whether the Regulation is applicable to my business or organization?   Reach out to iTGRC Asia Practitioners Advisory Group. We will put behind you the international experts to build the readiness and cyber resilience by applying ISO27001 to meet your GDPR Compliance a.k.a Data Protection Act before May 2018, and create a Central Repository in enablor to implement the framework that connects the dots to the supporting evidence, while you get your ORGANIZATION ISO27001 certified concurrently.
Start your effort with the following, at a price of SG$4,868/- Nett
  1. EU GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool 
  2. EU GDPR Compliance Toolkit
  3. Data flow Mapping Tool
  4. Distance-Learning GDPR Foundation and Certification
  5. GDPR Staff Awareness E-Learning up to 10 PAX (more can be accommodated, price may vary) 
  6. 2 days of Consultation/Workshop to learn the technique of applying the above to jump start your effort through the nice steps (see below).
You will be on your way to build the GDPR Data Protection Model in no time.
Click  for your inquiry. We are always glad to assist you.

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