Phishing and Ransomware Staff Awareness  

SG$25/- per participant (Enjoy deeper discount with minimum 10 participants)

This ten-minute course has been developed to raise awareness among employees, particularly those in our most critical service sectors – like healthcare/education, retail and finance – so that they can start thinking proactively about how to protect themselves from ransomware.
Target audience
This course is aimed at all employees who are involved in processing information, using information technology in their daily job, or using the Internet as a means of conducting business. The course content is not technical and it is not meant for system administrators. Ask about this Course
Explain what phishing is.
Outline the consequences of a phishing attack.
Describe ransomware and crypto-ransomware.
Identify how to avoid falling victim to phishing attacks and ransomware.
List the steps to take if they think they've been compromised.
The phishing and ransomware human patch e-learning course includes an eight-question test, drawn from a bank of 12 questions, with a pass mark of 75%.

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