Micro-Learning  - When creating corporate eLearning, the eLearning strategy has to be considered along with concerted effort on how to improve the learning culture of the organization. Create a positive twist on organizational learning culture, design the learning with case studies and positive success stories which can be used to increase and enhance learners interest, and hence increase knowledge availability and accessibility. Link your learning to the performance of the learner, enable the organizations to understand employees’ talents and areas for improvement, and pro-actively help them achieve better results.
How Modular learning differentiates. A module aims at developing a clearly identifiable and certifiable portion of the curriculum, expressed in terms of competence objectives. These objectives should be achieved within a clear and realistic time limit. This time limit is an important feature of the modular organisation, since the whole curriculum is built around the idea that time and human and material resources should be spent to achieve foreseeable results. To achieve optimized result, modular organisation implies constant monitoring and feedback to ensure that learning is really work-in-progress.
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  • Information Security Course (sample)
  • General Data Protection (GDPR) Course
  • ISO27001 ISMS Design and Implementation Course
  • Many more ...
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