Data Protection Act (DPA) Staff Awareness  

SG$50/- per participant (Enjoy deeper discount with minimum 10 participants)

Data protection is an issue that affects all organisations. With developments in technology permeating all facets of society and business has come an increase in the incidence of hacking, data breaches and data loss. It has never been more important for businesses to protect their critical assets and ensure that their employees are aware of the role they play in data protection. DPA Staff Awareness training will help you meet your DPA obligations and ensure your critical assets are protected
Target audience
The course is suitable for all employees whose job involves processing and storing personal data. It is also suitable for non-technical staff.
What is the DPA?
Related terms and definitions
The eight DPA principles
An individual’s six DPA rights
What you can do to protect personal information
Additional information
Duration: 30 minutes.
Assessment comprises 20 randomly asked questions.
Learners have the opportunity to retake the test until the pass mark is achieved.
An online certificate of achievement is issued to all staff who pass the test.


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