CSMS-119-Cyber Defense
It will never be an overnight effort to put in place the necessary cyber-defense, neither your business can ignore the growing threats, the risk of potential loss, nor afford any phishing or ransomware attack. 
Don't be caught in between and let your business suffer from any potential threats or subjected to regulatory sanctions. 
Most SMEs, who are not at all ready with the basic and essential control can choose to consider the followings to kick start the effort with minimum pain.
It's better late than never. Cyber Defense Fundamentals will move you forward. Business owner or responsible personnel can take the advantage of the easy bundle to kick start.
  1. Cyber Security or Data Protection Act or Phishing/Ransomware E-Learning (minimum 5 PAX) *customer may pick and choose from a series of E-Learning (listed above or otherwise inform) and price per PAX may vary
  2. Cyber Defense fundamentals toolkit (one)
  3. Cyber Defense Gap Analysis tool/template (one)
  4. Information Security Breaches - Avoidance and Treatment based on ISO27001, Second Edition (one)
  5. One day of Cyber-Defense orientation to get you up and running using the above materials
With SG$928/- ** you begin to build the immune systems of your business. It also gives your clients and regulatory bodies the assurance about your business resilience.
(** for smaller SMEs, < 20 staff)
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