iTGRC Asia, assists enterprises to improve their overall Risk Stature through customized GRC Advisory,
Consultancy and Training services.

iTGRC Security and Compliance in summary

What does iTGRC do and what services do they provide. Click on "Find out more" to see the summary..

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iTGRC, Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Is meeting regulations and ever growing compliance requirements proving a challenge? Think of Risk, Compliance and Privacy by Design.

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iTGRC, Information Security Certification

Demonstrate to clients, insurers, investors and other relevant parties that you have taken the precautions necessary to reduce cyber risks. Be able to bid for government contracts that involve the handling of personal and sensitive information; such as DPA.
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Cyber Hygiene Security Framework

Collaboration among strong and reputable market players, for a vision of Cyber Security reinvent to meet the Cyber Hygiene standard in ASEAN region. CHSF aims to develop an adaptable framework to close the gaps of cyber security standards among the confusion and complexity.

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iTGRC - Corporate Staff Awareness and Professional Training

Your Staff Awareness and focused End-User training on Information Security/ISO27001/PCI-DSS/Data Protection Act/GDPR [EU Data-Protection]/Phishing & Ransomware, Professional & Executive Courses for CISOs/Governance, Information Risk and Security Management professional, help a speedy adoption while staying abreast of the prevailing laws, regulation, guidelines; such as Sarbanes Oxley 2017, FDA... 

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