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June 19, 2018 BY iTGRC

  Mainstream cyber security and compliance practices is lacking in the markets (中文) In ERA today, market is heavily populated with various kind of security ...

Mainstream security and compliance practice is lacking in the market. Read more


Mainstream cyber security and compliance practices is lacking in the markets (中文

In ERA today, market is heavily populated with various kind of security package that heavily involves technology for solutioning. Many events and conferences have been sponsored by vendors preaching their proprietary products and solutions. As time goes by this has gained less traction. 
We acknowledge the fact that technology helps to reduce manual effort, literally automate process and control as much as we wish to. We also learned that artificial intelligence, block-chain and sensor have manifested themselves through various technology platforms that claim the highest credit, and it's true that technology has evolved faster than 2 decades ago, lighter in weight, heavier in cost perhaps. Nevertheless, across the technology and platform, we do notice a handful are automating the security controls which were done or handled manually in the past, and they came from the old security practices. Technology has just automated them or enhanced it with new experience. 
On the hindsight, there are security and compliance professionals who have lost touch with the fundamental skill-sets that are required to holistically manage the entire cyber security and regulatory compliance landscape, from people to process or control and through technology. With technical skill sets in technology, it only fills you only half a cup of water, and perhaps scores you well at the entry level. To go for a higher goal, an achiever needs to build a larger picture that spans across sphere that covers markets, industries, organization, strategy, people, process and technology to earn the credit and worthiness through experience in various areas of the above. In the beginning of the year 2018, there was a report highlighting cyber security has raised above the impact from financial crisis, oil and gas price fluctuation, job markets and ranked itself among the top three. 
Security and Compliance is a business today, and it underscores the digital transformation. It's integral to the digital economy development that every regime is looking to invest into their future
iTGRC security & compliance advisory is creating a space to introduce Security Mentor-ship and Live Advisory services that allow organization and individual to follow the mainstream and tag-on to this industry trends and market sentiments. 







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