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AdvSTAR and iTGRC Asia completes MoU to promote Cyber-Hygiene solution in Hong Kong

AdvSTAR HK and iTGRC Asia sealed MoU to promote Cyber Hygiene solution in HK markets

Keeping businesses safe online

SMEs are encouraged to begin protection, starting with their existing business management systems.

iTGRC Asia at BERNAMA News Malaysia DEC 2017

Creating a Information/Cyber-Security Culture


iTGRC Asia in Judging Panel

iTGRC Asia will be representing ISACA Singapore Chapter, and ETPL (agency for A*STAR) Judging panel

Ransomware, Business owner torn apart by suppliers, their own IT & Operation departments

More than the price of ransomware to pay. Ransomware, Business owner torn apart by suppliers, their own IT & Operation departments. 

A journey with COBIT5.0 to IT Governance for SME

IT Governance is not just for Enterprise, Multi-National Company, It's now scaled for SME. 

Wrap your head around COBIT 5.0, you are not far away from your own IT Governance. 

Exploits in iOT garage door opener, Samsung smart TVs

"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" . More exploits found in things that our daily life depends on.

Singapore’s Ministry of Defence hit by cyber attack

System used at military premises to access the Internet has resulted in the theft of the personal data

Cloudflare, Cloudbleed, CloudPets and Yahoo

For the cyber security savvy one.

Find the journey to Governance, Risk&(Cyber)Security Management and Regulatory Compliance

Kicking off an Open Conference in Singapore - "Find the journey to Governance, Risk&(Cyber)Security Management and Regulatory Compliance"

Understand Accredited certification of internationally recognised Management System Standards, by iTGRC

It is important to ensure that the certification body you use for the certification of your management system standard is accredited by the official national accreditation body, who is a member of the IAF.

IT Governance partners with iTGRC Asia

IT Governance partners with iTGRC Asia to deliver cyber security solutions

What's in between human behaviour, information security and compliance?

What comes between between human psychology and information security or compliance?

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in January 2017

Cyber criminals have not given any surprises in January 2017. Ransomware attacks continue


A new reference architecture that illustrates how to leverage social collaboration tools to harness ideas, exchange information, and increase the speed of innovation across the business

Cyber Security Testing 360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package

Launching a "360 Degree Cyber Security Assessment Package" in Asia by end Q1'2017 is in the pipeline of iTGRC Asia Advisory and Consulting road-map. Early soft-launch will be offered to selective clients. 

IT Governance’s executive chairman Alan Calder to speak at The Future of Cyber Security Manchester on the GDPR and NIS Directive

Tune in to IT Governance Executive Chairman's speech about The Future of the GDPR and NIS Directive 

Magda Chelly is now the finalist for “Women in IT Awards 2017”

Couldn't be happier, that iTGRC Asia’s business partner, Magda Chelly of Responsible Cyber Pte is now the finalist for “Women in IT Awards 2017”.