Information Security

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SAP Cyber security

A fabulous speech on SAP Cyber Security by VICXER. Jordan gave us an eye opening view of what we should be concerned about internal enterprise systems, even more when companies decide to move it to private or public cloud. Tune in... 

Mainstream cyber security and compliance

Mainstream security and compliance practice is lacking in the market. Read more

We have implemented information/cyber security solution and yet….

Typical doubts and questions that flow through the chief executive or business owner mind after spending money on their cyber security solution

MSC Cyberport, CREST-international and iTGRC on Digital-Johor, Malaysia

a great pleasure to be part of Digital-Johor event on 1 and 2nd April, marking our collaboration toward Johore 4.0 in Malaysia

MSC Cyberport, CREST-Int'l and iTGRC Asia - Cyber Hygiene scheme for ASEAN focus

International collaboration puts focus on ASEAN cyber security focus

AdvSTAR and iTGRC Asia completes MoU to promote Cyber-Hygiene solution in Hong Kong

AdvSTAR HK and iTGRC Asia sealed MoU to promote Cyber Hygiene solution in HK markets

MCS Cyberport and iTGRC Asia teaming

a Strategic alliance, MCS Cyberport and iTGRC Asia teaming for larger growth

Keeping businesses safe online

SMEs are encouraged to begin protection, starting with their existing business management systems.

iTGRC Asia at BERNAMA News Malaysia DEC 2017

Creating a Information/Cyber-Security Culture


iTGRC Asia in Judging Panel

iTGRC Asia will be representing ISACA Singapore Chapter, and ETPL (agency for A*STAR) Judging panel

Prior to considering a Cyber Insurance, for SME owners

For SMEs who wish to look at Cyber Insurance, learn about the possible events that may take a toll on your business NOT if they happen BUT when it happens ...

Ransomware, Business owner torn apart by suppliers, their own IT & Operation departments

More than the price of ransomware to pay. Ransomware, Business owner torn apart by suppliers, their own IT & Operation departments. 

Can You really address my business concerns?

Business owners in Asia are constantly overwhelmed with these concerns

Bridging two continents for GDPR COMPLIANCE & INFORSEC

I-TRUST DK and iTGRC Asia Partnership vitalizes a cross-region muscle for GDPR (General a Protection Regulation) compliance & Information-Security in Asia Pacific

"WannaCry pandemic" to "Data Breach" to "GDPR violation"

It seeks to attack older or phased-out technology, when you care the least

Avoid the face off in cyber-risk, a practitioner way

Learning from the "Connected Car" 

unbreakable block-chain?

Break or Go with the Chain?

Hacking going everywhere, from lamp post now to car parking apps

Hacking activities are increasing their playing fields

Organisations’ supply chains through Cyber Essentials Certification

Secure organisations’ supply chains through Cyber Essentials Certification

part #2 - Major trends observed in cyber security space

Ongoing major trends in Cyber Security space; from iOT innovation to 3rd parties risk, and to resources & skills