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Comply with the GDPR and NIS Directive by May 2018

Treat it with Priority in Asia, 2017. Comply with the GDPR and NIS Directive by May 2018 to avoid the fines associated with a data breach. Click the above for further detail. 

ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System launches

ISO 37001:2016 ABMS is designed to help organisations put in place an anti-bribery management system to support compliance with bribery and corruption laws across the world

The journey least traveled - Cyber Resilience

'Innovation is great thing but introduces new cyber threat, and "they" know the target  that is of the price of a jewel crown.

Look at the fundamental IT issues within the business

Due care is not always taken with IT and information or constantly faced with issues that threaten your organisation’s security

Driving project by Not managing project

Did I get the real requirements from the real key stakeholders? Some tips to share

Series 1.1

IT Governance Control Framework Implementation Toolkit

To achieve business robustness and resilience, Get a free demo of “IT Governance Control Framework”

What's in between human behaviour, information security and compliance?

What comes between between human psychology and information security or compliance?

Fitting Together Penetration Testing and ISO27001

Penetration testing and ISO 27001: How do they fit together?

iTGRC Asia introduces COBIT in Asia

iTGRC Asia is proud to introduce COBIT training for organization and individuals in Asia. Click here for more detail, or visit

Anti-Bribery Management System

Choose a well-recognized and comprehensive ABMS, Anti-Bribery Management System documentation Toolkit - ISO 37001:2016


A new reference architecture that illustrates how to leverage social collaboration tools to harness ideas, exchange information, and increase the speed of innovation across the business

Building business case for ISO27001?

In need of compelling business case when putting together a convincing proposal for an ISMS? Click here to find out More