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SAP Cyber security

A fabulous speech on SAP Cyber Security by VICXER. Jordan gave us an eye opening view of what we should be concerned about internal enterprise systems, even more when companies decide to move it to private or public cloud. Tune in... 

We have implemented information/cyber security solution and yet….

Typical doubts and questions that flow through the chief executive or business owner mind after spending money on their cyber security solution

Keeping businesses safe online

SMEs are encouraged to begin protection, starting with their existing business management systems.

iTGRC Asia in Judging Panel

iTGRC Asia will be representing ISACA Singapore Chapter, and ETPL (agency for A*STAR) Judging panel

Ransomware, Business owner torn apart by suppliers, their own IT & Operation departments

More than the price of ransomware to pay. Ransomware, Business owner torn apart by suppliers, their own IT & Operation departments. 

Understand Accredited certification of internationally recognised Management System Standards, by iTGRC

It is important to ensure that the certification body you use for the certification of your management system standard is accredited by the official national accreditation body, who is a member of the IAF.

IT Governance partners with iTGRC Asia

IT Governance partners with iTGRC Asia to deliver cyber security solutions

The Audit Committee’s Role in Third-Party Risk Oversight

Almost every company interacts with a third-party on a daily basis. If the party has access to a company’s intellectual property or network along the value chain, a risk is imposed that needs to be recognized and managed. 

iTGRC Asia introduces COBIT in Asia

iTGRC Asia is proud to introduce COBIT training for organization and individuals in Asia. Click here for more detail, or visit

Discover the fundamentals of information security risk management auditing

While going into 2017, look back at the hindsights and mistakes, and discover more from the fundamentals.. 

Finding similarities between AML and IT Access (Account) Management

AML and Systems Access Control, they both are not linked in anyway, neither they share any close proximity. When slicing them into smaller chunks, it begins to show some insights...